A fishy Obento

A fishy Obento
The first week of school after the holidays is always so boring! Just talk, talk, talk from the teachers and nothing really to do. Basically I could have skipped this week…At least this morning I had the chance to prepare myself a decent Obento. It’s kind of strange to bring your pretty box with all the different food in it to school and eat with chopsticks while others eat just a sandwich or one kind of food in their tupperware but I guess I’ll get used to it and the others as well :tongue:. Anyway, here’s my Obento

I’m really in love with the soy sauce-lemon-wasabi dressing! For this Obento I used codfish, capers, green beans, carrots, tamago yaki (egg), daikon, tomatoes, canned tuna, japanese mayonnaise, mascarpone, lemon and a little bit of black sesame, basil and green onion. I just fried the fish in a pan with a little bit of vegetable oil and added some capers. The green beans and the carrot are cooked with salt and a clove of garlic and the tomato-daikon salad has the same dressing as here. Actually it didn’t take me much time to prepare it but definitely more time than my last one!

This is not one of the cute Obento but it’s still more elaborated than my last one. I hope you enjoy looking at my school Obento series nevertheless! :arigatou:
byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. The first week is always useless but here if you don’t show up for the first two weeks you get dropped from the class. And you don’t get your money back either! I tough it out -w-;;

    It looks delicious! And quite cute too!

  2. @ Ava: oh wow! that’s really strict..:ohnoo: glad you like it :happy:
    @ Yumi: Thank you! oh yes, the soy sauce-lemon-wasabi dressing tastes really fresh! :twinkles: I’m so in love with it :)

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