A few ideas for healthy dishes

A few ideas for healthy dishes

Hello! How has your week been? School started again for me and next week I already have two exams so I have to study a lot this weekend because I didn’t study during the holidays :ghihi:. My diet is going quite smooth and I’m really happy that it seems to work for me! I think it’s having a positive effect because it’s a long-term diet and not one that you want to quit after two days. Sure it’s strange and somehow hard to suddenly not eat pasta, bread, red meat, butter, mayonnaise etc. anymore but probably my body will be grateful :wink:. Yesterday I felt a little grumpy so I decided to cheer me up with a little shopping :hehe:. I’m still kind of short on money so I headed straight for the H&M store before committing some follies..

The blue skirt and the striped shirt are actually two pieces and not a dress..

The braided hairband looks a little too fair but I think it’s going to blend in better after I got some sun :smile: They’re actually from Claire’s.. I loved that shop when I was younger but they got incerdible expensive now..:crying:

H&M earrings
I think  they look quite Mori.. most of them creep me out but I like the sleeping, curled up fox..

And now to the healthy dishes: I started cooking with tofu even if it’s not for Japanese dishes… and there is an other meat substitute I’m cooking with: Quorn basically it’s mushroom protein..sounds somehow weird but it’s really ok! There are many different products such as minced “beef”, “chicken” nuggets, “ham”burgers etc. I’m eating a lot of vegetables and protein but almost no carbohydrates.
Here some impressions:
For this recipe I browned the Quorn mince with a little garlic, tofu, some fat-poor goat cheese added parsley and then filled the emptied vegetables (bell peppers and tomatoes).

This is how the filled vegetables look like after 15 minutes in the preheated oven:
Now they’re ready to eat!

Same procedure here but with a leafy vegetable that I had to fix with a toothpick:
Chard Coste Krautstiel recipe rezept ricetta
Here, I also added the interior of the tomatoes that I emptied for the last meal to keep the leafs moistened while in the oven.


My boyfriend liked it but he had to eat a little pizza with it to get sated :ghihi:

Don’t worry, this is the last food related post for the next few days! I will find other things to write about :wink:

byebye  ねこちゃん  :lipstick:

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  1. I am still looking for some head accessoires – I have a strong desire to “decorate” my hair with head bands, flowers, clips, pins, claws etc.. v(。・ω・。)♪
    But it’s quite difficult to find some really nice accessoires. (〃 ̄~ ̄)ゞ

  2. I love the red hairband, the striped and solid dress AND the little owl earings! He looks so content and sleepy on your ear.

    Wow! Those stuffed bell peppers look just as good as the meat kind. I bet they tasted great too!

    As always, great post. Thanks so much!

  3. :jumpingrabbit: waah, ive got the same earring, the rabbit & also owl, there are alot of diff. animals. Don’t know which store since my dad got it for me.:ghihi:

    last pic, I thought it was meat :hehe: am really feeling hungry right now, after seeying those pictures:miam:

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