A cat can dream~

A cat can dream~
Hello there dear readers! :iida:

My exams are over and I’m so happy! Of course I don’t have the results yet but I’m glad that it’s over anyway. :ballerina:
Actually there’s one more exam on monday but since it’s art, nobody takes it seriously.. I’ll try my best though! After that, Silvankun and I are going to eat Sushi! :miam: I’m so looking forward to it!
As I wrote in my previous entries, I have so many things to share with you and I don’t even know where to begin. We’re planning a trip to Moscow in April and I’m really excited! I’ve never been to Russia but I’ve always wanted to go! In January I got my first Graphics tablet and I can’t wait to show you my doodles! Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to try it out yet..(expect for a few scrawly smilies..). :ainoonigiri: I’ve also been tagged by the lovely Nic nic :swirlheart: from Bangbang She Shoots and I’ll definitely do the Top Ten tag. It’s quite some time since my last beauty post and I have many products I would like to share with you! I’ve totally fallen in love with Kanebo’s Sensai line! But first things first. Winter vanished as sudden as it appeared and honestly, I’m happy! I didn’t see much snow this year but it was cold nevertheless. There’s still the possibility to go snowboarding for a few days though and depending on the weather forecast I might go! But here in the city all the snow has gone and the weather is quite mild. Useless to say that I’m looking forward to spring and (almost) everything that comes with it! So here it is, my March wishlist. :twinkles:

1) Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
:sprout: As you may know I like Bobbi Brown a lot. It’s one of my first high end purchases in makeup and of course it left a very good impression on me. Anyway, I liked every Bobbi Brown product I’ve had until now so I’m curious about this makeup book since I hope it might help me to learn a few more tricks!

2) Sweet Arrow Skirt / Milk
:sprout: Milk is a Japanese fashion label and clothing brand and is considered one of the original Harajuku fashion brands and one of the first lolita brands. I like every detail of this skirt! It’s impossible to see on this pic but there are cute little arrows on the fabric! It’s pretty much out of my price range though.

3) Silk Lace Blouse / Valentino Roma
:sprout: Speechless!! This top is sooo perfect! 100% my summer style :klimper: hehehe

4) Neon Tank Top / Pull&Bear
:sprout: I’m sure you’ve noticed all the neon popping up! I’m not a neon fan at all but when I’m really tanned it can look cool.. Especially this color! And of course I love that it’s made of lace.

5) Strike a Prose Heel / Modcloth
:sprout: Although I’ve always been very tempted to, I’ve actually never bought something from Modcloth! These shoes however are to die for.. unfortunately they’re out of stock. I hope they’ll order them again! I could never wear thin heels and the neon touch is just perfect! At the moment I own just one pair of heels so I really would like to stock up!

6) Silky Purifying / Sensai
:sprout: Kanebo’s Sensai line is amazing. Go to a shop and ask the lady if she could give you a sample to try and see for yourself! The price is beyond good and evil but I’m sure you won’t regret your purchase for one second! It’s like magic!! muahahrhrhr I can’t explain it… it feels so freaking weird!!! Some of the beauty bloggers I follow already had the pleasure to read my raving lauds about the Sensai products… :tongue:

7) Daisy Earrings / Milk
:sprout: So cute for spring and summer!! MJ has similar ones but with gold.. I like silver better!

8) Heart Stud Wallet / Milkfed
:sprout: Nope, it’s not the same brand as Milk! This wallet is just so cool!! Really simple but red and gold always works on me!

9) Spring Bunny Socks / Milk
:sprout: They could be perfect to add a little bit of Lolita touch to an outfit! Of course they’re quite girly but combined with a black and clean cutted skirt and a white blouse they add just the right amount of cuteness.

10) Matte Nail Polish / NYX
:sprout: Besides whitish and a few dark coloured nail polishes I don’t have many and although I’m still biting my nails I would like to start wearing nail polish more frequently! ..and I prefere a matte finish :smile:

11) L’Eau de Chloé
:sprout: I have a few perfumes which I love and use occasionally but I would like to have one with an earthy and woody smell like this one!

12) Pixi Fairy Face Palette
:sprout: I’m so excited about this one! :blinkheart: It would be my first palette and the cover is so cute! The eyeshadows and the blush are really pretty I think. :smile:

That’s it for now! I’m sorry for this looong post!! It’s obvious that I’m never going to buy most of these things but- a cat cat dream~ and if I had to choose I would go with the Sensai products, the Pixi Palette and the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual! :starlove:


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  1. I love making wishlists! Though mine are rarely as well colour coordinated as yours :) I love everything! especially the skirt, bunny socks and clutch bag. I didn’t know NYX did matte polishes but I’ll definitely be having a look now :)


  2. Das freut mich für Dich, dass Du Deine Prüfungen hinter Dir hast. Ich hoffe, dass Du mit Deinen Ergebnissen zufrieden sein wirst. LG

  3. A lovely compilation of things that you wish to own!! :)

    Unfortunately I have to admit I only own a couple of things from Bobbi Brown! I should try their concealer for sure sometime!

    Ooooo I think I see Milk when I read (look at the pics) in Vivi? Am I right in thinking that? Love that kind of style though! :) And I also prefer silver over gold so the earrings are adorable! :3

    Eeee now I wonder what it is that I wish I could have. I don’t really think about things if I know they’re out of my price range, or are unavailable to me!

    Yayyy for your exams being over! I bet you did very well! :) Good luck for the last one tomorrow!

    Annnnd omg Moscow?! Wow!

  4. Congrats on your exams being over! That must be such a relief. I am jealous you are going to Moscow, I have always wanted to go :] Your wish list is so pretty. I am in love with those heels, I agree, the pop of neon is perfect.

  5. Neko-chan! Nice you’re back, I can’t wait for your exciting entries :wink: I got my exam results two days ago – yay, I passed the first semester :happy: nevertheless, school started again and that means I’ll probably reduce my “every-day-blogging-habit” :nope: but it is so refreshing to get rid of my happenings and fill the Blog with random stuff.

    Graphics tablet – arwww I want one too OwO, it is still on my “Must-Have-List” xD I look forward to your opinion :)

    Sweetie, enjoy the sunny days =)

  6. Huhu
    Ja es ist immer ein super tolles Gefühl wenn Examen rum sind…was für ein Examen hast du denn hinter dich gebracht? Drück dir auf jeden fall die Daumen für ein gutes Ergebnis!
    Ich wusste gar nicht, das Milk so teuer ist ich dachte immer es gehört eher in die mittlere Preisklasse von Lolitamode, naja vielleicht hab ich mich von wenigen Rüschen im Vergleich zu BSSB, AP und Co. täuschen lassen;)
    Das Shirt Nr.3 ist der absolute Hit! Möchte gar nicht wissen was das kostet ;)
    Ah wenn du dünne Absätze nciht gut tragen kannst dann wird die neue Schuhmode genau deinen Nerv treffen^^ Die schönsten Schuhe haben grade so dicke Absätze…ich mag das leider gar nicht so sehr, aber ich hab eh schon genug High Heels^^

  7. Hee. I remember Bobbi Brown’s other makeup book – I purchased it when I was a young teen. I love all your clothing choices but that lovely little silk blouse is adorable. You know that they make topcoats to turn regular polishes matte? That way you aren’t just limited on matte polishes.

  8. woa, das manual …. wenn du das hast– magste ma drüebr schreiben?? :D :D
    ich find sowas voll cool, aber ich denk, die schreiben da nur über “westliche” augen… glaub das bringt mir persönlich nich viel XD

    btw. ich hab für den burger keine burgerbrötchen benutzt, sondern ausm Lidl diese “toasties”… die sind schön knusprig.. mag ich mehr, als so schlabber-labber-burgerbuns

  9. YAY I really hope you get to do the top 10 list!!

    In the mean time I am enjoying reading your March wishlist – everything is so cute!!! I think the wallet/purse is so cute – Anya Hindmarch has designed something similar except the hearts has the signature bows :D

    Chloe parfum was on wishlist.. I actually got it for bday and I cannot wait to receive it when my mum pass it to me in HK LOL!

  10. @ Maisy: I love your wishlists!! They’re always a huge inspiration to me! :miam: NYX wasn’t sold in Switzerland until recently I think! I’m pretty happy since I really like their blushes =)

    @ Danii: Danke! Ja, ich hoffe es auch *g* aber richtig weiss ich es ja erst, wenn ich meine zweite Teilprüfung hinter mir habe.. also erst im August.

    @ Jian: Thank you! =) Vivi probably features some Milk items but I can’t tell you for sure since I don’t read any of these magazines! I’m so excited about Moscow! It must be pretty interesting I think :D

    @ ShyScout: Thank you so much =) I love the heels too! I hope they’ll restock them! :klimper:

    @ The life after: I’ve never heard of Pull&Bear before but they’re soooo cheap and have such lovely stuff!! and Thank you!!! :happy:

    @ Miho-chan: Congratulations for passing the your first semester! I always thought you had a graphik tablet because sometimes there are cute faces on your pictures!! I’ll definitely tell you about my experiences :P

    @ nicekitty: Das ist die Schweizerische Maturitätsprüfung! Milk ist schon recht teuer aber BTSSB & co. sind wahrscheinlich noch einiges teurer.. :ghihi:

    @ Ava: No, I didn’t know! thanks for telling me :happy: The silk blouse is my favourite :smile: but unfortunately I would never buy it without trying it first… :ainoonigiri:

    @ Mici: Mach ich gerne!!! Wenn ichs mir kaufe =)

    @ Nic nic: I already know my top ten but I want to make a different post first :wink:

    @ Akiko: Thank youuu :aiai:

  11. Moscow is one of my dream destination and one of the possible choices for my post graduation trip *O*
    Spring is coming here in Milan too even if today it rains.
    My favourite of your wishlist is definitely the skirt ^^

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