A Basket full of Treats

A Basket full of Treats
Baking is definitely not my forte but lately I’ve been craving for sweets so a few days ago we baked muffins.
Actually it’s a recipe for a choclate cake and Silvankun’s favourite birthday cake but for a sweet treat once in a while it’s more convenient to have many little cakes! :jumpingrabbit:
Pretty every attempt to make muffins or cupcakes before, ended in making them taste more like bread than anything else (probably I use too much flour and not enough sugar).
I rarely bake following strictly a specific recipe because I don’t have a scale or measuring cups and because I find it hard to tell if a recipe is really good without having even tried it.
Anyway, while my sense of proportion for other things is not bad, it’s really unreliable when it comes to baking cakes or other sweets. This time however, I did exactly what it said in the recipe (or to be completely honest, Silvankun did it and I prepared the decoration :ghihi: ) and they came out great!

In the end we ended up giving them away but we kept two of them :tongue:
The most fun was the decorating. The mass I used to make the leaves is marzipan colored with food coloring. Marzipan is convenient for shaping things but after a while in your hands it gets warm and sticky so you need to work quickly or put it in the fridge before you use it. Also, if you put it on a plate without a baking sheet, the warm marzipan will stick to the plate and will be difficult to remove afterwards.
I absolutely wanted to do a frosting but since I just can’t bring myself to use all that butter that is needed for a frosting, I simply used mascarpone and powdered sugar. Since it’s with cheese, I would probably call it a cream cheese frosting but I think I’ve never had one before so I can’t really tell. The consistency was very nice and the taste delicious but I didn’t like the cheesy color (I wanted a pure white frosting!) so I used it only on some of the muffins.

If you are interested in the recipe, read on!

1. :baburukeki: Melt the chocolate and be careful not to burn it. Mix it with the chopped butter and the sugar and stir the mass until smooth.
2. :baburukeki: Add the flour, baking powder, ground hazelnuts, ground almonds and stir well.
3. :baburukeki: Separate the eggs and stir in the yolk. Beat the egg yolk until stiff and carefully mix in as well.
4. :baburukeki: Fill your baking forms with the mixture and bake for 30 minutes on 180 degrees in the preheated oven.

For the colored leaves I used a plain, ready to use marzipan mass and colored it with food coloring. Depending on how intense you want the color to be, you can add more or less food coloring. Be careful though not to add too much food coloring or the marzipan will be too moist and not shapable anymore. Be patient while kneading the marzipan with the color, it takes some time for the color to spread homogenously. To achieve the multicolored look just take small pieces of two or more colors and knead them together. Don’t spread them out too much though or the color will mix and maybe result in an unpleasant new color. Let them cool down in the fridge before you carve them with a tooth pick or something similar.

All in all a really simple and really yummy recipe! Of course you can form anything you want with the marzipan. For me it’s an easy way to decorate cakes, muffins and cupcakes and very versatile. I hope you had fun and that you will try playing around with marzipan. :hehe: I don’t like marzipan so much but together with those decadent chocolate muffins it’s totally ok!


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  1. awww, die Muffins sehen toll aus! Und die Marzipan-Blätter sind voll gelungen und ein echter eye-catcher (auch wenn ich Marzipan nicht so mag XD”) :twinkles: Das angegebene Rezept scheint auch ziemlich einfach zu sein… vielleicht sollte ich es einmal wagen? :nyanyan:

  2. Thank you everyone! The recipe is really really easy so try it! I promise (!!!!) you won’t be disappointed :miam:

  3. Uaaah! You’re Muffins look great and yummy *w* I love your decoration!! I’ve also thought about decorating with marzipan… but I do not like it very much so… but I know that you can make such beautiful decorations with it like you did!

    I even love the way how you arranged the muffins. With the colourful leaves and the wood basket it reminds me of little red riding hood :smile:

    Well done ^^ :starlove:

  4. Those Muffins look fabulous with the leaves =)
    Now I want to bake some this weekend – but alas, I have to loose some weight also =/

  5. Hi Nekochan! Greetings from California! I am a first time visitor. I love the energy of your blog.
    Yes, life is a rollercoaster. But somehow it’s all okay when we have a basket full of treats to take along for the ride. By the way you have a gift for decorating.
    I write a blog about food and my musings on life and people. Please visit sometime when you get a chance. Ciao!

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