8th Obento and Naruto

8th Obento and Naruto

Hello Everyone! I’ve been procrastinating the whole week and now I have a really bad conscience about it :crying: It’s always the same with me.. Anyway I’m going to an amusement park tomorrow so I guess I should be happy and just suppress my guilty conscience! Good-for-nothing as I am, today I created my 8th Obento. By the way is there someone out there who watches Naruto? Yesterday we caught up on all the missed episodes and now I’m impatiently waiting for the newest one to come out!! I know it’s kind of lame but I really don’t know how to discribe it otherwise.. I LOVE Naruto!!! In comparison to other anime there is always something going on and the story is deep and gripping.. Only a few anime can keep up with the high standart of Naruto. Here some images from one of the last episodes I watched:

Sasuke Naruto

Karin Naruto

Orochimaru Naruto

Kyuubi Danzou


Sasuke Danzou
I can really understand Sasuke’s feelings towards Danzou,  I really hate him too. Just his appearance is enough to evoke disgust. But why is Danzou’s death not enough for Sasuke? Why does he needs to wipe out the whole village of the leaf? I still can’t believe that he has changed so much.. I don’t want to believe it :crying: And I hope Naruto can do something about it..:ainoonigiri:

Here is my Obento:






Have you noticed the cute tiny sauce bottle shaped like a piglet with his white wings? I think it’s so adorable!! Miho-chan gave them to me when we met at the convention two weeks ago :halloween: and also a lot of other cute and useful gifts! I was really touched .. ありがとう みほちゃん !!! :miam:


Raspberries garnished with mint

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

byebye ねこちゃん  :lipstick:

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  1. <3 Glad to see you posting again!

    I don’t watch or follow Naruto myself but my sister does and I know how gripping the stories and characters can be. I think Sasuke is just consumed by all that he’s felt now – some emotions can swallow a person up!

    I DID notice the little sauce piggy. He’s adorable!

  2. Is Naruto really as good as everybody is talking about (≧・≦)? It seems to me that there are toooooo many episodes, so I never start watching it… I rather prefer short Anime Stories with an (happy) end (-∀-。)

    Mhmmm, another Neko-chan Obento! Is that Totoro *___*? The smiling Onigiris are so kawaiii!
    BTW: I really have to say, I loved your ツナマヨ おにぎり at the JAN ♥ it was so yummy! (*´∀`*)

  3. @ Eden-Avalon: Thank You! yes, I guess you’re right about Sasuke.. it’s just really shocking.. =( I really thought maybe everything would be as it once was..:crying: btw I will ship your package this week :wink:

    @ Miho-chan: oh Thank You for saying so about the tunamayo Onigiri but I would love to see you again and give you a better one :miam:.. and yes, Naruto IS really a great anime/manga.. Even adults/parents love it.. it’s really elaborate..:nyan:

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