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Random Compliments

Random Compliments
Hey there Beauties & Cuties! :nekopaw:
I almost fell off my chair when I saw my ugly picture on Mirjam’s blog :twinkles: Chic & schlau. :twinkles: For those of you who don’t know her, she’s a – I dare to say- renowned Swiss blogger from Zurich. I started reading her blog (ugh.. I’m so freaking bad at remembering times) well let’s say about one year ago?! Anyway, I immediately fell in love with her “i don’t care what other people think” attitude and her direct and unfussy way to write.

She started a blog parade where she complimented some of the people she follows on instagram and since this is a really cute idea I wanted to continue with it. Girl, I can give the compliments right back to you! Your eyes are as deep and tempting as tenderly melting dark chocolate (my favourite) and your hair is fantastic. I love, love, love dark hair! May you always stay as you are: beautiful, playful and strong.

Inspiring thing – I don’t even know your name but I liked your style and drawings from the first time I saw them. You’re talented and skilled and every outfit looks just the way it should. Your face is beyond cute and I admire your courage to experiment with your hair. Your age is also unknown to me and although you’re probably pretty young you seem awfully mature what is also reflected in your dressing style. I wonder where you get your inspiration from! You’re amazing!

Laurita – Girl, you’re worth gold. When you smile, you’re eyes smile even more and you have the perfect combo: dark hair & blue eyes. You’re sweet as sugar, intelligent and a true Lolita. Always neat and organized. I wish I had a little bit of the courage and diligence you have. You visited so many stunning places in Asia and you speak Chinese, Japanese, Frensch, Italian, English and are learning Korean. Last but not least – your drawing skills! I was lucky enough to see some of them in RL and you know they took my breath away. Enjoy your stay in Korea and please share your beautiful pictures with us!

Sophia Alexandra – I think it’s needless to say that you’re beautiful. Your blog is one of the first blogs I started reading and even though I didn’t follow every single one of your posts I always knew a little bit what you were up to through instagram and facebook. Your freckles are super cute as well as your big brown eyes. You can wear about everything without looking fake but I like your natural look the most. Your ability to combine clothes and styles is fascinating and I love how you pull off all your amazing wigs! It’s fun being blonde eh?

Lea – I think I stumbled over your pictures through Mirjam’s instagram account. How should I put it without seeming a freak.. it feels a little strange to compliment a person you’ve only known for some weeks and that probably doesn’t even know you exist but here we go. You’re a total babe! Your hair, lips, smile and eyes are stunning~ You’re the beautiful, tall blonde girl with the bright eyes from Germany. I wonder if you’re completely German or if there’s something else.. Anyway, you’re the perfect crush! I didn’t had the time yet to really go through your and Julia’s blog but I will do so soon!

I hope this will sweeten up your day as much as it did mine! Please feel free to use the banner Mirjam made to carry on this blog parade.
I’m off to Italy. I can’t remember when I last was on an Italian train for eight hours, this is definitely going to be an adventure!

byebye, see you in two weeks!

PS: If you like to check out Mirjam’s original post click [here]

The Sweet Week~

The Sweet Week~
Hey there Kitty cats!
long time no see, eh?
Looks like I got caught up in too much school work or so.. :wink:
I’m honestly quite fed up with uni and am thinking about changing my major and to work for one year. I would love to do something else than school for a change. I’ve never really worked except for those three months in a sushi restaurant which were – well I kind of fired myself because I didn’t like it how some girls had to start crying because of the boss’s harsh words (all in Japanese). But I’m ready for a new experience and would like to start studying environmental engineering in a year and work until then. It took me some time to figure that out but I’m happy to have decided and to finally do something courageous! :tanoshii:

Besides unlikeable uni life I’ve been pretty much erm.. doing nothing? I know I’ve been whining about this enough but seriously guys!!! What’s wrong with this year’s summer?! The public swimming pools are open but people walk around in rain boots and warm clothes… and I’m wearing a woolen jumper and tights as I’m writing this post. I started writing this entry about three weeks ago but it’s still cold most of the days!!

Let’s move on to the real reasons for this blog entry: I entered Glam Chic & Bold‘s :twinkles: giveaway and won a really cute tote bag from Kiehl’s + got a parcel full with Japanese snacks from the brand new :bang: online store! Thank you to both of you~ You totally made my week!

I was layzing around as ususal when I came up with the great idea to try all the snacks at the same time.. As you can see I was still wearing the apron from making lunch so I wasn’t really hungry but craving for something sweet so Silvan had to eat all the ones I didn’t like so much while I was looking for the sweet ones:totorosmile:

My favourite were the Caramel corn and the chocolate mochi. I know, I was supposed to like the salty ones better but nah.. I hope the store will continue importing even more snacks and cute things!

I rarely enter giveaway, I think I entered one or two since I started blogging but when I saw this cotton bag with the whimsical scribble I just had to give it a try and oh wonder, it worked! The bag came with different samples and I already tried most of them. The BB cream didn’t work at all for me, the color was way too dark and my face started shining and was all greasy but I loved the “Ultra facial cream” and the “Fig Leaf & Sage body lotion” which smells divine!

So, that’s it for today. Honestly, I didn’t even think that I would make it to write an entry before my stay in Italy but then I thought what the heck and just started writing…

I feel so guilty for not updating in two months and I really have no excuse for it, but the longer you wait, the harder it gets to start again.
Thanks again to Rafael & Melody for giving me a pleasant reason to blog! :wink:
If you follow my instagram account you may already know that I’m going to stay on a beautiful and tiny island in the Mediterranean sea for the next two week and I’m probably not going to have a lot of internet there.
In this sense, aloha Reasders! I’ll be back with lots of pictures and new blogging energy!