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Kiiroitori and the Bunnies

Kiiroitori and the Bunnies
Hey there Bunnies! :hirabbit:
Happy Easter or spring or whatever!
I’m finally on holiday and enjoying it a lot but not for too long since I need to start writing papers on monday. :jupp: Today when I woke up and looked outside the window, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was snowing again and it still is! It’s freezing cold again and time to snuggle up in a blanket and drink warm tea. This morning however I felt I needed to do something creative and made a Bento.

I can’t remember the last time I did a kyaraben (character bento) but it must have been a long time ago because I literally went crazy with cutting out the tiny face for the onigiri and eggs. Nyaaa… kyaraben definitely dont belong to my favourite productions. Anyway, there’s broccoli, teriyaki chicken, shiitake mushrooms, renkon (lotus root) and radishes in one and onigiri bunnies and usagiringo (apples) in the other one.
Do you celebrate, paint eggs or do anything else special on easter? I loved easter as a child because we got to search baskets filled with chocolate and eggs and even small presents. This year however it wouldn’t be difficult to find the colorful eggs since everything is covered in snow. I don’t know about you but I definitely had enough snow for now and would like so much to see the lovely spring flowers and sunbeams.

The “thing” with the yellow face is supposed to be Kiiroitori, Rilakkuma’s little fellow birdie in a bunny suit but my patience didn’t last long enough to make the ears of the suit.. :sigh: and the chicken egg, well I would call it a bento classic. Since for me a Bento is first and foremost food, I packed in some glossy pieces of teriyaki and healthy veggies so that there’s still the “deliciousness factor” to it and not just the cute food factor.

That’s it for now Cuties!
I wish you all a nice day with lots of chocolate eggs, tulips and cute fluffy bunnies~ :jumpingrabbit:

Life through little squares

Life through little squares
Hello there Beauties and Cuties of the Blogosphere! :ballerina:
I’m so happy that it’s Saturday and that I can finally start reading all the blog posts I missed! Since I got the new computer my rss reader doesnt work anymore and I haven’t found a suitable replacement for it yet but I will find one now. The last few weeks have all been quite similar and my awful time management makes it difficult to do the things I like besides uni. :sleep:
What definitely lifts my mood though is the sunny yet almost warm weather we’ve been having the last few days. Spring officially started and instead of snowing it’s finally raining again! I love the smell of wet soil especially in spring because it doesn’t smell so much like asphalt as during summer. Snowdrops have started to pop up and I wake up by the chirping birds. But I guess you’ve all been experiencing the same lovely aspects of spring. That is if you live in the northern hemisphere. :catexclam:

:sprout: 1. bye bye old mac book, I already miss you! :sprout: 2. Beef with vegetables and rice – ok but not good :sprout: 3. noodles with beef and veggies – not very good :sprout: 4. me, derping around 5. Bought my first dvd in years :sprout: 6. Easter deco at the Franz Carl Weber (toys store) :sprout: 7. at the main station :sprout: 8. Birthday flowers from my mum to Silvankun :sprout: 9. Snowdrops! :sprout:

Are you ready for the instagram rush? I’ve assambled quite the collection during the last months so here’s a little list of the past insta entries.

It’s funny how the amount of pictures slowly increased and I admit that I’m an avid instagram user. I like to look at the past snap shots and to remember moments and places I had forgotten about. How about you? Do you often take pictures with your phone? It’s obviously more fun if your phone has a good cam and I’m so glad I upgraded to an iphone. It’s not that I like how they work but the cam is totally worth it (at least for me :tanoshii: ). I must be quite obsessed with it.. :etone:

:sprout: 1. In the car with Nina :sprout: 2. Late night coffee with Mr. moustache :sprout: 3. Totoro on my bag :sprout: 4. So proud of my planner! :sprout: 5. Map of an imaginary island :sprout: 6. Windy day :sprout: 7. I would like to play so baldy!! :sprout: 8. Hello new computer! :sprout: 9. me in black&white :sprout:

:sprout: 1. Derpy me in the car :sprout: 2. Rice and Kimchi :sprout: 3. found in a book at uni :sprout: 4. Pretty radish :sprout: 5. Stairs and elevator :sprout: 6. Noh mask at the uni :sprout: 7. Antique books store :sprout: 8. Sakura Manju :sprout: 9. Almost empty Daruma rice bowl – I picked up every grain of rice! :sprout:

:sprout: 1. Chilling room of the Vernissage in Zermatt :sprout: 2. Restaurant Vernissage :sprout: 3. Birthday flowers :sprout: 4. Polybahn – Many students use this every day! :sprout: 5. Silvankun’s B-day :sprout: 6. First strawberries – not that great :sprout: 7. Stringbeans with Japanese goma dressing :sprout: 8. Choco muffins :sprout: 9. White fluffy bear hoodie :sprout:

:sprout: 1. Flowers :sprout: 2. Japanese dinner :sprout: 3. Ramen :sprout: 4. Neko in school uniform :sprout: 5. Funky Totoro crew – bored at uni :sprout: 6. Japan Impact 2013! :sprout: 7. White rice with umeboshi and Miso siru :sprout: 8. Silvankun still with long hair in Zermatt :sprout: 9. Nina once again ;) :sprout:

Omg, ok it’s really a looooooot impressions. Sorry for the images flood!! It’s been over a month since the last insta update..
I can’t wait for the week off on the beginning of April! Originally we had in mind to go to London but we haven’t booked anything yet so we’ll see. But I hope that I finally will have some real time off to visit places, take pictures and cooooook! (…make Bento). That’ s it for now cuties~ Im off to dreamland.

:sprout: 1. Underground tramway :sprout: 2. Monkey 47 Gin – my bbf said it was disgusting but the bottle is so stylish~ :sprout: 3. Earl Grey tea with lemon – L.O.V.E. :sprout: 4. Monster entry :sprout: 5. New Hoodie:sprout: 6. Madness monster :sprout: 7. Hello :sprout: 8. Starfruits are so pretty~ :sprout: 9. Headache :sprout:

Sweet dreams or party hardy!


Uzumaki Bento

Uzumaki Bento
Hello there Cuties! :iida:
Yay! How was your weekend? I didn’t feel so good last week and skipped uni too often but I’m better now and ready to study! … or rather forced to because I have exams and presentations starting this week.
Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with that stuff and since the title kind of gives it away, here we go, my Uzumaki Bento.

Sorry for the strange background. It was very early and the background is too dark.

Uzumaki 渦巻き means ‘Spiral’ in Japanese and since I made tamagoyaki rolls and makizushi (‘Spiralsushi’) I couldn’t think of a better name. :tongue: It’s not that I make a lot of Bento to bring with me for uni but I made this one two weeks ago on thursday. It was a quick one that I had in mind to do because I sketched it a whole while back ago with the paper53 app. As you’ll probably notice though, it doesn’t look very similar.
That’s why I don’t really think that sketching the Bento first, makes it any easier to recreate it afterwards, or at least not with my unrealistic drawing. :jupp: But maybe I should make sketches with ingredients that I actually have in the fridge. At least there’s the star fruit!! hehe.. :catexclam:
I admire the vegetarian lifestyle but I missed some meeeeeat!!! The next one is definitely going to be more luscious again. Or should I try making a Kyaraben again?! Who knows.. I wish I had more time to practice my Japanese cooking skills.

It’s really fun sketching with that ipad app and I don’t really care anymore that you have to draw with your fingers. And you can see my own handwriting for the first time on my blog. I’ts awful, isn’t it? I still have several styles.. sometimes it freaks me out although I should have gotten used to it by now.

Of course I had to make two of them.. :totorosmile:

*Nyaaaaa* Bento parade :on:

One for Silvankun and one for myself. :miam:
After three days of unexpected snow, the sun is finally shining again and this time I hope that spring is going to come for good. I enjoyed winter and all but it’s been quite long and I can’t wait to change to my spring ward robe and get sun-tanned again. :ii:
Happy monday Everyone! …unlike me who has to practice Kanji like crazy.