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Zermatt in an instant

Zermatt in an instant
Hello there Lovelies :nekopaw:
How are you doing? I’ve completely lost track of uni but soon it will start again and I’m afraid that I forgot all the Kanji I learned. :jupp: Hope I can study a little in the coming two weeks. I’ve never been on holiday for such a long time and Im not sure whether I invested my free time cleverly… well I still have some time left to do some useful things.
Right now I’m still in Zermatt and enjoying some sunny weather and lots of snow and snowboarding. I’ve been snowboarding for ten years now but I’m thinking about going back to skiing. Or rather do both?! Anyway, winter sports are a lot of fun and in Switzerland there are many opportunities and places to go. But Zermatt has always been my favourite winter resort and I wouldn’t want to miss the impressive view of the Matterhorn. You know, that mountain that has even its own chocolate brand?

Do you know Toblerone? It’s quite delicious!

I’ve been coming here since my birth and it always feels so cosy and good when I arrive in this little village. (well actually it’s getting bigger and bigger because they’ve been constantly building more cottages and hotels..) One special feature of Zermatt is, that there are no cars and therefore the air is pretty pure. It’s not that there arent’s any means of transportation but they’re all fueled with electricity!! Sounds pretty funny, doesn’t it? And of course there are oldfashioned carriages. Soooo romantic! But I have only been on one a long time ago when I was a kid.
Nough’ said. Here are the pics~

1. Me, hanging in a tree 2. Carriage for the fancy international guests of the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof
3. Best confectioner in Zermatt: Fuchs :sprout: 4. View from a slope

1. The mighty Matterhorn 2. Down there lies Zermatt 3. So devilishly coooooold! 4. Sight from the viewing point of the Gornegrat. Noticed how different the mountain looks from here?!

Sorry for the blurry insta pics but I wouldn’t want to risk my old and trusty Nikon while falling on my butt or worse. I hope I can make some decent shots on the last day or something.

1. Silvankun soaking in the sun 2. First day.. it was cold 3. Finally a little sun! 4. Swiss tools and a handyman

1. Rothorn 2. Captain Nekochan 3. Our boards 4. Ride~

1. Silvankun’s crazy hairstyle 2. Kiss! 3. Lovely view 4. One of the best hot chocolates evvver!

That’s it for now! I’ve still got some more pictures but I’ll upload them in a later entry… I hope you don’t mind! We still have four days left and afterwards I’ll go visiting my grandmother in Milan. I’m honestly so excited since I haven’t been there and haven’t seen her in a long time. But I love that city and I can’t wait to show you some impressions.

Take care cuties and stay tuned :on:


Le Bunny Bleu

Le Bunny Bleu
Hey there Bunnies!
Today’s post is about one of the cutest shoe brands I’ve ever seen!
“The blue bunny”

I hadn’t heard nor read about this brand until recently but I immediatley fell in love with their style. They describe themselves as “New York cool with a European twist” or also “Romantic vintage”.

They’re all totally adorable, don’t you think? But the bunny flats are my favourite! I like how there’s the bunny from their logo on almost all of their shoes. It’s simple yet so cute! The down side of pastel flats is that they quickly get dirty and that’s a real bummer for me because I don’t like to pay attantion… Anyway, they’re so perfect for spring and summer but I guess I’ll wait for the actual S/S 2013 collection.

The ones with the metal bunny look a lot like Tory Burch flats but the bunny is so much more whimsical. :tanoshii: It’s still kind of stylish and clean because the bunny is geometric and not too babyish.
Apparently the brand is kind of popural in in Korea, Japan and China and I’ve seen many Asian girls on the internet, wearing them. But I keep asking myself why they’re not as popular in Europe!?
They have different stores in East Asia and in the US but only one in Europe and it’s located in the UK. (lucky ladies :on: ) Of course you can still shop online and I think they ship worldwide.

I dont wear a lot of heels so I didn’t miss them while browsing their website. If they designed a pair of cute bunny heels though, I would obviously love them. :klimper: So… what do you think, do you like them? I posted only pictures of their F/W 2013 collection but there are many more styles.

Check out their website here: Le Bunnys :jumpingrabbit:


The 5 faces tag

The 5 faces tag
Hey there Beauties! :ii:
It’s been over a week since my last blog entry but I hope you forgive me! Thank you for all the darling comments on the bento and the sketches! Really, it means a lot to me and I’m so glad you feel positive about them.
Right now I’m on the train to I’ve arrived in Zermatt, a lovely winter sports resort right next to the beautiful and well-known Matterhorn.
I will update you with some impressions in a later entry~

Let’s move on to the main reason for this post, namely the ‘Five faces tag‘ that has been going around on several blogs. Lovely Noora :hoshi: tagged me (to be precise, I asked her to) over a month ago but I never had the time and patience to take pictures!
As it says in the name, it’s about posting five pictures of your face with different expressions. :etone: I’m actually quite picky when it comes to taking pictures of my face especially when it’s Silvankun because I can’t really concentrate on what I’m doing anymore. :jupp: So selcas are a good alternative.

1. Pouty 2. Duckie 3. umm? 4. Nyah, nyah!

After several attempts of taking pictures of my face in the bath room I finally found the perfect place: the fitting room!!! Have you ever noticed how good the lighting is in there? I felt like in a professional photo booth. :tongue: Probably you already knew but I think it’s perfect for taking pictures of your face or outfit. I spent friday with ‘some’ ( actually, I can’t remember when I last went on such a shopping spree…) shopping in Konstanz so I had the opportunity to take some decently lighted pictures while trying on all the different things.
Can’t wait to wear all the lovely new pieces but for now I’m stuck with chunky jumpers and wool tights and snuggled up in a blanket on the couch while outside it’s snowing. Sounds cozy eh? :miam:
But here’s a little sneak peek of the F21 order from a week ago. The ware has already arrived! it’s amazing how fast they shipped it.

The swiss dotted dress fits perfectly but the beetle dress is a little tight.. and the color doesn’t really suits me.

So…. since I didn’t want to flood my instagram account with my bath room selca pics I decided to post some of them here. Noora :blinkheart: posted pictures of her bare face and I think that really brave in a world of false eyelasheshes, circle lenses and photoshop. I then actually checked out the other five bloggers before her who did this tag and they all seem to have taken pictures without or only a little makeup. Well I’m am an aesthetician and couldn’t bear having totally plain pictures of myself on the internet but to at least show a little bit of self-esteem (for this is ultimately a ‘campaign for self esteem’) here my nomakeup bath room selcas which I took while staying in Italy two weeks ago.

Of course I had to play with filters to make them at least a little bit aesthetic :klimper:

If you wonder why there are only four pictures although it’s called the five faces tag and well that’s because umm… first of all because of the layout (I wanted to show large images and not thumbnail-sized) and five is just not the perfect number for adjusting them. And second, because one of the other bloggers also posted only four and four is good enough. :totorosmile:

Here are the rules:
:sprout: Post FIVE FACES of yourself – different expressions, different situations, different moods..
:sprout: Tag five friends
:sprout: Link back to the person who tagged you
:sprout: Have fun!

I tag Gretch :ichikeki: , Nic nic :lipstick: , Lou :on: , Mei :baburukeki: and Bella :bling: because I love their beautiful faces!

I hope I didn’t bore you with all the face pics but at least there’s a little clothing mixed in as well. :catexclam:
We arrived two days ago but we haven’t seen the majestic Matterhorn yet because its shrouded in snowy clouds but as soon as the mountain shows its face I will post the pics on insta! feel free to follow me, I’ll be posting many pictures of my snowboarding and the breathtaking scenery in the coming days.