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The Season of the Witch

The Season of the Witch
Hi there Pumpkins! :etone:
It’s Saturday and I’m finally able to write an entry! :jupp: Friday morning I had to get up at 6am (compared to other students who have to get up at 4am it’s nothing but still..) and after a funny tram ride with two classmates and other people I almost got out at the wrong station and as I arrived at the university ad after six weeks I still enter the wrong class room… Anyway, I hope my classmates don’t think strange things about me but I’m afraid it’s already too late and that they’ve already labeled me as weirdo. :bang:
The good thing about Friday is that after the two lessons from 8am to 10am the next two days are freedom! Or at least I pretend it’s freedom but actually uni makes it almsot impossible to relaxe even for one single day. So what’s exactly the point of this entry? Well actually I had in mind to show you the pics of the Japan Matsuri but I haven’t been through all the pictures yet and you know how meticulously I choose my pictures so please be patiet with me! :arigatou:

Sugar Skull Makeup

I’ve never been good at posting themed Bento or entries at the right time and as last year I don’t know if I’ll be able to make a Halloween Bento in time although I really really would like to… I don’t know why but somehow Halloween is kind of important to me maybe because it’s a spooky, funny, cosy and yummy time of the year. Pumpkins, witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and lots of delicious things to eat are totally what I love. :totorosmile:
Nevertheless I never really understood if it’s custom to dress up spooky or just funny. Is it that adults dress up Western union money order funny and children spooky? Shoutout to all US Americans: Please enlighten me!!! :bling:
A makeup look I would definitely love to try is the sugar skull makeup above. I like it because it’s creepy but beautiful nevertheless and the many colors and different styles make every face look so individual! I have no Halloween party to attend this year but looking at inspirational and breathtaking makeup is still fun.

Broken Doll Makeup

The broken doll theme is pretty stunning too I think but it sure looks frightening with the huge eyes and eyelashes.. the heart-shaped lips are cute though! :klimper: I tried this look last year and I loved it but this year I would definitely go for the sugar skull makeup.

Gothic Beauty Makeup

Gothic Halloween makeup is elegant but sooo dramatic and I think it looks awesome!

So what are your plans for Halloween this year? Do you dress up funny and strange or creepy?


I see double Bento

I see double Bento
Hello Readers & Followers :nekopaw:
I’m so sorry I haven’t written for over a week but I had different things going on and next week doesnt looks any better. I’m stuck with exams every week (history and calligraphy) and crazy amounts of reading stuff… I still have to find a new blogging pace!
But since I promised to post the Bento I made for uni over two weeks ago, I couldn’t go one more day without blogging so here we go. I wanted to post both but the lighting in the pictures is so different that I decided to post them apart.

The big one is for Silvankun and the small one for me. There’s rice with a pickled plum (umeboshi), dumplings (gyoza), Brussels sprouts cooked and pan fried with honey and soy sauce, potato salad with sausage octopus and taromochi with nectarine as dessert. The Bento was easy and quickly done but tasty! I wouldn’t use Brussels sprouts anymore though because they smelled a little strong in the class room and there are definitely more pleasant smells than the smell of cooked cabbage. Do you think its gross when people eat in class? or does it depend on what the food is? I don’t like the smell of food in public transport but it doesn’t bother me when someone eats in the class room. The cabbage smell was really embarrassing though.. :jupp:

There’s so many things I wish to blog about but only little time. I went on a shopping spree, had a crazy shooting on a boat with my bff C. and her friend from scenography school, ate the best burger in town and made my first successful cupcakes! I really want to blog about all this soon because it’s not so much fun writing about events that happened a long time ago. Can’t say what’s going to be next but depending on how much time I have, I would like to show you some of the pictures I took at the Japan Matsuri in Geneva two weeks ago! Stay tuned Pumpkins :bling:


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When every leaf is a flower

When every leaf is a flower
Hey Beauties! :rabukuma:
Just a short update about my life… Autumn has finally come but instead of golden days and colorful trees it’s raining almost every day and Im not getting so much of the usual autumn feeling. But maybe it’s too early to say. :wink: University is consuming almost all of my time and I can’t believe that it’s already Friday again! When I come home I’m so tired that I don’t even want to cook nor eat and the next holidays seem so far away. :jupp: I’m enjoying most of the classes nevertheless but most of all I like to learn how to write Kanji! 25 characters a week is manageable but not to underestimate especially since you have to remember the 25 characters of the weeks before… The Japanese woodblock print (Ukiyo-e, 浮世絵) class is pretty awesome as well!

This is an outfit I wore some time ago while strolling around somewhere with Silvankun. The coat is about six years old but I rarely wore it and it’s quite perfect for autumn, don’t you think? But Im especially fond of is the Ainu bag. Ainu are people indigenous in Northern Japan (Hokkaido) and Russia. We visited a museum while staying in Hokkaido and I bought this pretty bag in the museum’s shop. I like the different colors and the white embroidery. And remember the two silk scarfs I bought about a year ago at Zara? Well I never wore them but this year I started wearing them. :klimper: I feel like I have to dress myself more adult now because of all the fancy dressed people at uni….! :bang:

The spot is perfect for taking outdoor pictures! There are small trees and forests, weeds, ponds, reed and even sand. Its like having everything but in miniature. The soil was sometimes a little muddy so my shoes got all dirty but it was fun nevertheless.

1. Ink traces; 2. Calligraphy book; 3. So impressed by the Bokuseki thing that had to start practicing with ink when I came home…; 4. Sensei explaining Kanji; 5. Bookworming; 6. Dream library; 7. Painting in my room; 8. Breakfast in the car; 9. Me, waiting for my sister at h&m; 10. nyan* neko mood; 11. Windy autumn day; 12. The starway at the Japanese institute; 13. My cute keys; 14. Manga me; Mini cupcakes; 16. Japanese online TV!

If you’re an Insta user and now wondering what I did with the two pictures in the left bottom I’m glad to tell you that there’s app that does this Manga effect. Thank you Adrian for sharing! It’s called “Manga Generator” but it doesn’t work well with every picture.. you have to try and play a little until you get the effect you like. :smile:
That’s it for now folks! I’m going to bed.. (yes, on Friday night, pretty lame, isn’t it?.. I know :crying: ) I hope you’re having a fun weekend and I can’t wait to be back and share the many Bento I made for uni!!!