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Wreckful Cat

Wreckful Cat
Hello there dear Readers & Bloggers! :hello:
Just a teeny tiny update with few words and lots of pics~ I can’t wait to finish my exams but for now I’m stuck behind my books while everyone else seems to be going on holiday:crying: What about you? are you going anyplace special this summer? I’ve spent a few days in the countryside with the intention to study but since the Internet thing turned out to be more complicated than what I had expected, I came back because I need the world wide web to look up things and stay in touch with you guys!.. and err.. there were too many distracting activities.. :nope: but see for yourself!
Sooo.. sit back and enjoy the picture fload cutie pies :on:

1. Lake Marmorera 2. thank you for the zooM! 3. sleeping under marguerites 4. evening mood 5. Engines 6. birch bark 7. gnarly tree 8. clear water 9. Hop 10. Akatsuki 11. striking red fruits 12. meat, cheese, butter & bread 13. shroom 14. Huge mosquito..o.O 15. grilled meat… 16. Nina taking a bath :)

Isn’t that mosquito in the last line huge?!? Fortunately it was already dead when Silvankun found him.. Mosquitoes love to suck my blood! :oh:

This is an outfit I wore some time ago. As you can see, I try to keep it simple… I’m totally in love with peter pan collars! And I wore “orange” lipstick for the first time. The shade is so pretty that I’m probably going to review it. :klimper:

What do you think? Do you like it? It’s getting really tight with my study plan so I should get back to it… Have a nice evening Beauties! I hope I will be able to update in August but I can’t promise it.


Omusubi Bento

Omusubi Bento
Hi there! :nekopaw:
As promised, here my latest Bento creation. Whant to know the difference between Onigiri and Omusubi? Well actually there isn’t one… :wink: I always thought that Onigiri were supposed to be smaller than Omusubi but apparently there’s no difference at all. Anyway, I filled this Bento with two large triangle-shaped rice balls. One is covered with a slice of smoked salmon and the other one has an Umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum, very salty and sour :tongue: ) in the middle. There’s also Ebi fry (fried prawn) but it gets a little lost with all the colorful vegetables.. they were yummy though!

The other tire contains Japanese potato salad with cucumber, boiled carrot and onion as side dish and a piece of molten chocolate cake garnished with cumquats & raspberries as dessert. I rarely think of a dessert when making a Bento but this little left over piece of chocolate seemed just so perfect!

Do you know Umeboshi? How do you like it? I like the more sour and natural colored ones but they don’t sell them anymore in our local Japanese store.. :nyan: The Onigiri wrapped in smoked salmon was ok but I prefere grilled salmon inside or mixed with the rice. As my grandmother is German, you can imagine how much I love German potato salad but I have to say that the Japanese version Obasan made for us when we were in Hokkaidō was also very good and Silvankun and I couldn’t get enough of it! It’s good to wrap a sheet of Nori around it and eat it as Temaki! :bling:

Sooo, that’s it for now! I’m off to the countryside again to start focussing on my studies. I still have tons of books to read so I’m afraid I will have to slow down with blogging a little bit until the end of August. haha..yes, it’s as serious as it sounds but I’m sure that if I start learning really hard now I should have to make it…!!! :w: I hope you guys are having a great summer and experiencing the time of your life! Can’t wait to be back in autumn and continue spamming..!! :rabukuma: and I promise that I will try to keep you up to date with some news out of my daily life as often as possible~

If you want to keep in touch with me you should totally check out ninnikuneko on instagram or take a look at nekoblog’s fb site here: click :jupp:
And of course you can read my complaints and laments about classic literature on twitter as well..
I already miss you guys! :crying:

The usual suspects… artwork by Silvankun :happy:


Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains
I’m back Everyone :nekopaw:
…and with a lot of rustic countryside photos. We left Zurich while it was raining but when we arrived in Italy some hours later, the sun was shining and it was warm. In the mountains it’s quite cold and foggy and there was a lot of water in the lakes and rivers because it has been raining a lot. I love car drives, especially when you get to see such breath-taking sceneries..

Sometimes it’s nice to just escape from the rush of city living and breath fresh mountain air. I like every minute of being outdoors and enjoy the work with plants and earth (although I’m quite the city girl when it comes to spiders.. :ohno: ) of course taking pictures of the many fascinating things is fun too. What about you? Do you like playing with soil or are you afraid of insects and such?

It’s full of cows on 2100 meters above sea level! The cows are free to roam the mountain pass and eat succulent grass during summer. Sometimes it happens that a herd of cows blocks the whole street and then you have to wait until they’ve crossed the street… sounds pretty Swiss eh?

We made jam!! Honestly, I don’t know what the fruits we made our jam with are called but I suppose it’s a kind of plum… I’ve never really made jam before, especially not in these quantities but I think it turned out well. :klimper:

Want to see more countryside pics? read on lovelies~
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