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Rendezvous with a Vulture

Rendezvous with a Vulture
Hello Cuties! :hionigiri:
So…. as I mentioned in my last entry, I had a little outfit shoot in a pretty special location! :bling: I’m a bloody noob when it comes to posing and that’s why I don’t like having pictures taken of me in public places.. anyway, since I was kind of fond of my outfit that day, I wanted to take pictures to make an outfit post. This is probably my first real outfit post but if you like it, I would gladly do more of these! :etone:

On the red kit it says “First Aid”:totorosmile:

The skirt and top are h&m and the shoes Marco Tozzi. The skirt is actually really old but I wear it every summer! It was fun taking pictuers because the location was unusual but cool! :tanoshii:
Many photographers choose abandoned and run-down factories for their shoots and since I wanted to have a more private location I thought this could be a great place! There are different sites on the internet about where to find such locations as factories & co., worldwide or in specific regions and in Switzerland there are some pretty stunning ones too but unfortunately they’re taking down most of them. :jupp: The funny thing is that we were not the only ones who had thought about taking pictures on that day and in that location. But the terrain was pretty large so we didn’t see too much of them.

The place is called Spinnerei Jakobstal and was a spinning factory producing cotton yarn for almost 120 years. It was closed in 1982 and has never been placed under monument protection but was used for illegal parties and concerts instead. Vandalism, fire and heavy snowfall have led to a rapid breakdown of this factory that is meant to be torn down soon. Pretty interesting um? At least that’s what it says here.. :bang:

To see some shots of the location and one more poser pic, read on!
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300 Days of Sunshine

300 Days of Sunshine
Hello Sweeties! :heartame:
How was your weekend? We celebrated my sister’s 20th birthday on Saturday and Sunday I had a little outfit shoot at a very special location! Afterwards we went to the lake for a swim and to enjoy the sun.
I also managed to pick out the pictures of the Algarve, the southernmost region of mainland Portugal that I would like to show you. We rented a car in Lisbon and drove for about 3 hours until we reached our destination. We had no plans where to go exactly but it didn’t really matter since the coast and the small villages were beautiful everywhere.

The Algarve is said to have the most sunny days in Europe and that’s exactly what we needed because we haven’t had any real summer days yet here in Switzerland.. :hm:
Camping is something we started doing together in Japan. As with some other things, camping is not everyone’s taste I think. It’s something that you may romanticise about but you only know if you love it or hate it after you’ve done it. Silvankun & I however, love camping ever since then so as most of the passed summers, we went camping again. We’re far away from being professional campers and it’s always amusing how other more adult campers smile at the younger amateurs. :tongue:

The campsite was magnific but there were too many birds that were chirping like crazy. The birdwatchers loved it, we not so much… every morning at 5 am they were so loud and annoying that it was really difficult to sleep on. :nope: So yes, these weren’t our sleep-wise most restorative holidays but it made us tougher! .. and I get up pretty early anyway so never mind! We hadn’t brought our Japanese gas burner so we bought a little cheap grill on which we’ve made dinner a few times. But the highlight was definitely the night we spent at the beach. Sleeping in our sleeping bags with the countless stars sparkling above us , the ocean sound and the sunrise on the next day were an awesome experience.

Have you ever slept at the beach? How did you like it?
Read on, to see pictures of the beautiful beaches!

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The Vegan Stoner or how to feed your head..

The Vegan Stoner or how to feed your head..
A few days ago, I stumbled over an amaizing and rather unusual but stylish food blog. I like food blogs with simple but innovative recipes and this one has just the right combination of healthy yet still mouthwatering food. The name kind of gives it away… this is comfort food at its finest!

I’m not vegetarian let alone vegan but it’s nice to know where too look up convenient and easy to make recipes for when there’s not much in the fridge. And besides, I tend to have my “vegetarian phases” where I don’t like to cook nor eat or smell meat. Unbelivable but true. Fortunately these alienating phases never last on for too long.. :etone: but still, eating vegetarian isn’t only healthy and more ethical but also very sparing with your portemonnaie. It’s crazy how much meat costs here in Switzerland!! So why not grab some yummy vegetables and toss it with some tofu or legumes instead?

The creative heads behind this likable and refreshig food blog are Sarah & Graham, two designers that totally know how to make cooking a fun experince. Their recipes are all illustrated and easy to follow. Yesterday I tried their Chickpea Curry which was done in about twenty minutes and tasted heavenly! I picked out some of their freshest and most summer suitable recipes but for all the other tempting recipes, I warmly recommend you to check out their site! :bang:

I think their illustrations are fun and humorous and as you can see on the pictures, the dishes look down-to-earth but very hearty. My next candidates will be the Plantain Chips & Dip and that badass Melon-Fresca!
Did you get the munchies yet? :omnom:
Well you see how little you need to create a full meal with only few ingredients so go on and feed your craving head! But beware of late-night munchies!!!