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The Carnival of Basel

The Carnival of Basel
:hirabbit: I’m back already!
My last exam (art) was on monday in Basel, the third most populous city in Switzerland. Basel is known for its chemical industry but also for its hilarious carnival that takes place annually between February and March. This year the date of the Carnival of Basel which lasts three days, coincided with the last day of my exams so I took it as an opportunity to attend this colorful and impressive event. Although it’s quite famous also in foreign countries and it takes less than an hour to go from Zurich to Basel by train, I’ve never been to the Basler Fasnacht!
But first Silvankun and I went to a Kaiten Sushi place! I wasn’t thrilled the first time I ate at one of these restaurant in Zurich but I was pleasantly surprised this time! Everything tasted fresh and the consistency of the fish was more than acceptable.

Ususally I’m too embarrassed to take pictures in a restaurant but this time I did it! :tongue:

I didn’t had my cam with me so I had to use my phone.. I couldn’t bring myself to upload blurred mobile-pics so I added a filter! I know it’s kind of weird but I think you’ll get a good impression of the event nevertheless! :totorosmile:

My favourite Nigiri zushi are Salmon, Maguro (but only the real fatty one! :nope: ), Hamachi, Sanma and Saba. Unfortunately they had only two of my favourites!

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A cat can dream~

A cat can dream~
Hello there dear readers! :iida:

My exams are over and I’m so happy! Of course I don’t have the results yet but I’m glad that it’s over anyway. :ballerina:
Actually there’s one more exam on monday but since it’s art, nobody takes it seriously.. I’ll try my best though! After that, Silvankun and I are going to eat Sushi! :miam: I’m so looking forward to it!
As I wrote in my previous entries, I have so many things to share with you and I don’t even know where to begin. We’re planning a trip to Moscow in April and I’m really excited! I’ve never been to Russia but I’ve always wanted to go! In January I got my first Graphics tablet and I can’t wait to show you my doodles! Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to try it out yet..(expect for a few scrawly smilies..). :ainoonigiri: I’ve also been tagged by the lovely Nic nic :swirlheart: from Bangbang She Shoots and I’ll definitely do the Top Ten tag. It’s quite some time since my last beauty post and I have many products I would like to share with you! I’ve totally fallen in love with Kanebo’s Sensai line! But first things first. Winter vanished as sudden as it appeared and honestly, I’m happy! I didn’t see much snow this year but it was cold nevertheless. There’s still the possibility to go snowboarding for a few days though and depending on the weather forecast I might go! But here in the city all the snow has gone and the weather is quite mild. Useless to say that I’m looking forward to spring and (almost) everything that comes with it! So here it is, my March wishlist. :twinkles:

1) Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
:sprout: As you may know I like Bobbi Brown a lot. It’s one of my first high end purchases in makeup and of course it left a very good impression on me. Anyway, I liked every Bobbi Brown product I’ve had until now so I’m curious about this makeup book since I hope it might help me to learn a few more tricks!

2) Sweet Arrow Skirt / Milk
:sprout: Milk is a Japanese fashion label and clothing brand and is considered one of the original Harajuku fashion brands and one of the first lolita brands. I like every detail of this skirt! It’s impossible to see on this pic but there are cute little arrows on the fabric! It’s pretty much out of my price range though.

3) Silk Lace Blouse / Valentino Roma
:sprout: Speechless!! This top is sooo perfect! 100% my summer style :klimper: hehehe

4) Neon Tank Top / Pull&Bear
:sprout: I’m sure you’ve noticed all the neon popping up! I’m not a neon fan at all but when I’m really tanned it can look cool.. Especially this color! And of course I love that it’s made of lace.

5) Strike a Prose Heel / Modcloth
:sprout: Although I’ve always been very tempted to, I’ve actually never bought something from Modcloth! These shoes however are to die for.. unfortunately they’re out of stock. I hope they’ll order them again! I could never wear thin heels and the neon touch is just perfect! At the moment I own just one pair of heels so I really would like to stock up!

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The time has come~ the Walrus said

The time has come~ the Walrus said
My semi-final exams start tomorrow! :sigh:
Luckily I’m still pretty calm but I’m sure that tomorrow my heart will start beating like crazy!! The topics are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History & Art. The second part of the exams including Mathematics, German, French and Italian takes place in August.
Since Switzerland is a trilingual country (more precisely fourlingual but Rhaeto-Romanic is spoken only by very few people) French is taught at every elementary school in all of the German-speaking cantons. The matter I’m most worried about? Well I haven’t been in a physics lesson for ages!! hehe.. so I guess I’m kind of curious about this one. :totorosmile:
Anyway, wish me luck!! I sure can use it :smile:

This is Rinon from the Anime Ano Natsu de Matteru (あの夏で待ってる) Isn’t he cute?!!

I’ll be back real soon with many things to share with you guys! :catexclam:


PS: The title of this entry is lent from a song in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass and is called The Walrus & the Carpenter.